Luxembourg Gaming Xperience

Sarina Migge

Association Business Events Manager

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Gamers from the Grand Duchy and beyond flocked to LuxExpo the Box for the Luxembourg Gaming Xperience, the fourth consecutive video games exhibition.

The event enjoyed a record attendance of 15,000 people – not bad for a gathering created in 2016 by a few employees of the electronics store Saturn. The event was held during the last weekend of September, just after school was back in session. At its disposal were 6400 square metres, four times the space of the previous year’s event in Mondorf. The focuses of the 2019 gathering were ‘Gaming, Esport, New Tech, Geek Culture & Japan’, and it included tournaments with popular games like ‘Fortnite’ and ‘FIFA 20’, and offered prizes up to €15,000. Also on the programme were retro and arcade games, virtual reality, and board games. There was plenty of cosplay, and lucky fans of ‘Games of Thrones’ were delighted to be able to meet stars Tom Wlaschia and Mark Addy.