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What are people saying about Luxembourg?

The excellent cooperation with the Luxembourg Convention Bureau allowed for the organisation of an information meeting addressing hotels in Luxembourg City and surroundings.

After that meeting, arrangements on 928 rooms in various price categories could already be made with a series of hotels and youthhostels.

 - TeamGym2022, Newsletter #01, June 5, 2020


‘The world's last grand duchy — a territory whose head of state is a grand duke or grand duchess — Luxembourg is like no other place on earth.’

- Barbara Tasch, ‘12 reasons Luxembourg is the best country in the world’, Business Insider, October 4, 2015


‘This diminutive European country packs a lot into its small landmass’ and is notable for its ‘enchanting historic core, dramatically perched on a clifftop … medieval castles, rocky gorges, charming villages and superb vineyards.’

-AirBnB, ‘20 for 2020: Airbnb Reveals the 20 Destinations to Visit Next Year’, October 9, 2019


In Luxembourg, ‘it’s easy to get your voice heard by the economic decision makers, and things get done quickly.’

-Guido von Scheffer, CEO and Co-Founder Motion-S


‘One of Europe’s smallest states aims to become a space superpower.’

-Louis Brennan, World Economic Forum, July 18, 2019