Luxembourg Airport is renowned for its efficiency, with one study claiming it offers the shortest gate-to-taxi time of any airport in the world.

And going by bus or taxi from the airport to the city is a cinch: 10 minutes to the Kirchberg business district and 15 minutes to the city centre. 

If you’re travelling by car, Luxembourg is at the nexus of several major motorways that puts it within two or three hours of Frankfurt, Cologne, and Brussels. Just a bit farther away is Paris, which is also linked to Luxembourg by high-speed TGV train service that takes around two hours. 

In the city, it’s easy to get around by taxi, bus, or with the sleek new tram which will soon connect all the major points. As it’s both safe and has a great pedestrian infrastructure like wide sidewalks and dedicated walking paths, Luxembourg is ideal for navigating by foot. 

If you need to go outside of the city, a reliable network of national buses and trains can take you where you need to go. 

No matter where you need to go in Luxembourg – whether it's using the tram to get to your hotel in the city, catching a bus to explore the forested Éislek, or taking a train to go to a conference at the university in Belval – you won’t need to pay. As of March 2020, Luxembourg became the first country in the world to offer free, nation-wide public transport. 



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