Why Luxembourg

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the ideal MICE destination. It is a country with a human dimension, located within easy reach of numerous major European business centres, which limits the need for extensive travel.

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Luxembourg ? Yes, Luxembourg: a modern, affluent European destination packed with food, culture, commerce, and research, all set in a stunning urban landscape you can easily walk across and which is surrounded by lush green forests.

event calendar

Organising your event here is a piece of cake

From the beginning till the end, you can rest assured that organising your event here will go smoothly. Thanks to our efficiency, openness, and government support to make the country a top business events destination, you’ll be delighted how easy it...

invitation letter

Need a support letter? Contact with a key player? No problem

Thanks to our modest size and interconnected population, it's easy to get the support letters you need, whether from a governmental ministry or a company in your field. Also, here you can have access to key players like national representatives and...

going from a to b

A hop and a skip from major European cities

Our sleek airport is famous for short queues and being hassle-free even though it handles hundreds of daily flights from all around Europe. On top of that, high-speed TGV train service means you can go from Paris to Luxembourg in a couple of hours.


A spirit of openness

Half the population comes from elsewhere, and we’re proud of our diversity. We’re always happy to help you find your way – in English, French, German, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, or any number of languages that are widely spoken here.


The power of transformation

Luxembourg is an exciting country that’s always reinventing itself. From steel to finance, and now to clean energy and space mining, we have our eyes fixed on the future, which is reflected in our many research institutions and progressive...


A true European capital

Not only is Luxembourg City home to some of the EU’s most important institutions like the Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank, it’s pan-European to its core: multicultural and multilingual, we’ve got a bit of all of Europe.

Airport to hotel 30mins

From your plane to your hotel in only 30 minutes

Not only is Luxembourg City a short drive from the airport, the time it takes to get off a plane, pick up your bags, and get into a taxi is the shortest in the world. You’ll be checking in to your hotel and off to mingle and explore before you know...