LIST Tech Days 2019

Lina Ostapchuk

Association Business Events Manager

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How can technological innovators in Luxembourg pair up with those who stand to benefit from innovation such as businesses, policy makers, and investors?

By attending LIST Tech Days, that’s how. The June 20, 2019 event took place at the University of Luxembourg and gave creators of new technology the chance to pitch their wares and present their ideas to a very receptive audience. The day-long event was followed by a gala networking dinner, matchmaking opportunities, and live music. A key part of the event was the Tech Village where 20 prototypes, research demonstrations, and high-potential solutions developed by LIST were on display and ready to wow attendees. Among the exciting products were a plasma robot which can expertly treat materials on 3D shapes, a method of anaerobic digestion of biowaste, and digitally enhanced work environments. Another exciting part of Tech Day 2019 was the tech summit, which brought together fascinating speakers to share insight on tech trends and the future of innovation. The keynote speech was given by Peter Hinssen, author of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ which examines the pressing need to adapt to a digital world.