Life Sciences + Euron PhD Days

Sarina Migge

Association Business Events Manager

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Forming collaborations is one of the most vital parts of life science research, especially at the level of PhD scholarship when many students come from afar. That’s why the University of Luxembourg organises Life Sciences + Euron PhD Days.

This is a yearly conference for life science doctoral students in Luxembourg, the last of which was held at the Belval campus from September 23-25, 2019. Not only is this event a great way to foster networking, it allows students to share their research. Normally the event is simply Life Sciences PhD Days, but the 2019 event was held in conjunction with the EURON Conference (focusing this year on neuroscience) hence the name ‘Life Sciences + Euron PhD Days’. The event involved plenty of workshops to foster collaboration on a variety of themes. Keynote lectures were given by senior researchers on topics like ‘Astrocytes and Brain Circuit Microenvironments’ and ‘Combining Cell Fate Reprogramming and Genetic Engineering to Model Development and Disease’. A number of PhD students presented their work with tongue-twisting titles like ‘Macrophages Reactivation inside Glioma Microenvironments through PC1/3 Inhibition Associated with TLR3’ and ‘Histone Chaperones in Glioblastoma: Roles in DNA Repair’.