Regiotels exists to encourage regional tourism in a sustainable way for the hotel partners to ensure increased success and continuity. Regiotels provides an experienced and diverse team with international hospitality training to level the playing field when it comes to competing with established brands and larger players in the tourism industry. Regiotels supports independent hoteliers that represent the quality and culture of their respective regions guiding them with a digital infrastructure and approach to free them from solely relying on online travel agencies to drive growth. Regiotels creates an enhanced experience that all can access and that help stimulate the economies of local communities in supporting tourism and employment.

The team is made up of experienced hoteliers from different disciplines each with their own field of expertise and speciality gained through working across multiple continents and diverse locations for all levels and size of hotel. The varied skill-sets of the team provide an ideal foundation to assist and support partner hotels in their success across regional and national borders.