The flagship conference of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) is to take place in Luxembourg. 

On 13th - 16th of November 2024 Luxembourg will host the Half-Year November Conference of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA). 

About 300 delegates will come to the Grand Duchy to discuss "The Globalization of the Legal Profession in a Heavily Regulated Environment - Investment, M&A, Tax and Cross-Border Litigation Perspectives". The academic program will deep dive into the opportunities at international level for efficient corporate and transactional structuring, against the backdrop of the diversified regulatory challenges faced by international organizations and global institutions in the era of systemic disruptions. 

The choice of the city looks quite obvious - being the founding member and a major legal and financial center of the EU, Luxembourg is home to some 15 EU institutions. Besides, Luxembourg boasts an impressive legal market, ranking among the most successful jurisdictions of the world for Investment Funds, Corporate Structuring, International Tax Planning, Space Law, IP matters, and generally, implementation of EU legislations.

The local organizing committee which is composed of high-profile lawyers with international and local background got an impressive support for this initiative: the Office of the Prime Minister, the City of Luxembourg, Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg Bar Association, Luxembourg Young Bar Association, other professional associations and numerous local law companies. 

The organizers believe that the willingness of the various institutions to support the AIJA Conference in Luxembourg will guarantee the success and a memorable event with the mix of nationalities, seniority, jurisdictions and talents. It will also ensure a good mix of expertise and an opportunity for new members to be involved and embrace the true AIJA spirit.

"The chance to host the Conference of the International Association of Young Lawyers means AIJA will be coming back to where it all began in 1962. On top of that, it will also be an opportunity to demonstrate that Luxembourg is more than just a small country at the heart of Europe - it would serve as a perfect occasion for AIJA to grow its visibility, attract new members from neighboring regions (such as Wallonie, Alsace and Saarland, to name a few) and increase its interaction with local and international partners" 

- says Philippe Sylvestre, co-chair of the local organizing committee. 

The strong sustainability credentials of the City of Luxembourg – with its strategic geographical positioning, free public transportation system, modern buildings and solid network of eco-responsible organisations – offer AIJA the perfect opportunity to deliver a net-positive Conference. The Organising Committee is committed to align to the highest available standard in terms of sustainability to boost the positive externalities in the local community, while creating a long-lasting legacy for the young lawyers of Luxembourg.