Luxembourg to host The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) 2023 World Conference

  • Grand Duchy chosen for its commitment to innovation and strong sectoral clusters
  • Technoport will serve as local host, connecting international delegates to the Luxembourg innovation ecosystem
  • The Luxembourg Convention Bureau (LCB) continues to play an important role in supporting the events sector, connecting people, and helping with bids

IASP has chosen Luxembourg as the destination for its 2023 World Conference, scheduled to take place in September of next year. The IASP is the leading association of innovation ecosystems worldwide. By selecting Luxembourg, the IASP has demonstrated that the innovation ecosystem in the Grand Duchy is continuing to gain international attention.

While several other attractive cities from around the world were in the running, Luxembourg was ultimately selected for the four-day conference which regularly draws around 800 attendees. The board described the Grand Duchy as an ideal location, a country ‘that has put innovation at the forefront of its social and economic development’ which is ‘home to many high-level international institutions’.

The board says what also persuaded them was the impressive growth of Luxembourg’s sectoral clusters as well as its targeted economic diversification policies, both of which have boosted the development of Areas of Innovation (AOIs) and knowledge hubs at the national level. In Luxembourg, the IASP community will be able to ‘reinforce the AOI concept, add legacy value, and exchange expertise with local peers’, the board says.

Technoport, the technology business incubator located near the University of Luxembourg in Belval, was chosen to be the local host. Citing the incubator’s continuous involvement in the local innovation scene, the board says that Technoport has shaped ‘the national ecosystem around startup development, entrepreneurship, and innovation,’ adding that as a bonus, the event will coincide with Technoport’s 25th anniversary.

Technoport CEO Diego De Biasio: “I’m really honored about the trust that IASP showed us by picking Luxembourg for the 2023 world conference location. Mingling with and learning from peers as well as being able to show how we support innovation and knowledge creation as a small country in a globalized world is crucial for us. This can help us design, finetune and implement future strategies too. Looking forward to welcome this big community.”

‘We are really excited to have Luxembourg as our World Conference destination for 2023,’ said IASP CEO Ebba Lund. ‘Technoport presented a fantastic bid that really showed how innovation is woven into the fabric of the city and region, making it an ideal location for our global community to meet and make connections. Congratulations to Technoport for their winning bid, and I look forward to exploring the Luxembourg innovation ecosystem in 2023’.

The decision comes as great news to the LCB, which since its creation in 2019, has been dedicated to supporting the events industry in the country. As part of their mission, the LCB helps local hosts such as Technoport put together compelling, effective bids.

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