Luxembourg: classy and cool

With an international population that accounts for half the country and influence from nearby Paris and Brussels, it’s no surprise that the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has become one of Europe’s coolest destinations.

A visit often starts with the country’s stylish accommodation, sure to delight even the most demanding visitor. From elegant five-star hotels, funky locally owned inns, to hip boutique hotels, Luxembourg boasts as much variety as you’d find in a large metropolis.

Once there, you quickly see that the country has a love affair with fashion, and you would be forgiven if you mistook Luxembourg City’s Grand-Rue for Paris or Milan. However, the country is also proud of its home-grown style, with local designers showcasing their apparel in a number of pop-up shops and boutiques. Residents are also fond of creating their own style, and there’s no lack of second-hand stores, which also attest to the country's shift toward sustainability. 

Another way the people of Luxembourg express their sense of style is in their love of timeless cars. The country boasts 56 classic car clubs and over 6000 registered vintage vehicles. Whether on city streets or open country roads, it’s not unusual to catch sight of an old-timey Ford Model-T, a red 1967 Corvette, or lovingly restored VW Beetle.

What’s cooler than setting aside some time for your well-being? Luxembourg offers much in the way of chilled out spots for relaxation and self-care. Thermal springs, spas, and wellness centres can be found all around, and we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill massage parlors. Like many aspects of life in Luxembourg, there’s always a premium placed on quality and style.

After you’ve taken care of looking good and feeling good, it's time to head out into town. Luxembourg has no shortage of cool dining options, everything from laid-back brew pubs with a hipster feel, restaurants with a 60s vibe that specialise in Italian comfort food, to chic vegetarian bistros. After dining at a tapas bar or a secret sashimi spot, the denizens of Luxembourg escape into the night with dreams of letting loose, and luckily there are plenty of trendy bars, posh nightspots, and live music venues just for that purpose.

No matter how much time you spend in Luxembourg, you’ll be seduced by the cool vibe, and a visit to the Grand Duchy will give you much to remember and talk about.

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Angélica Lopez