Luxembourg: a top spot for a corporate meeting

Cosmopolitan yet human-sized, highly modern yet full of old-world charm: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for a destination for a shareholder or board of directors meeting, this country is an enticing option.

A seat of power in both the EU and global finance

What better place for an important meeting than in one of the three capitals of the European Union? Luxembourg boasts some of the union’s key institutions including the European Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank. It’s also one of the top finance centres in Europe and the second-largest investment fund centre in the world. On top of that, it houses the headquarters of a number of global giants including ArcelorMittal, RTL Group, and Amazon EU, but don’t be intimidated. Despite all this, locals are modest and obliging.

Experience and capability

Because Luxembourg hosts so many important meetings, it has developed a certain degree of expertise. Hotels and venues welcome international visitors with open arms and provide state-of-the-art technology and facilities that meet the highest standards. Beyond individual establishments, the country itself is well suited for meetings. Thanks in large part to its prosperity and forward-thinking leadership, the country has invested heavily in infrastructure, making it clean, modern, and efficient.

Tranquility, history, and cuisine

While the Kirchberg district buzzes with politics, business, and meetings, only five minutes away are lush forests, rolling green hills, and farms. Just beyond these sanctuaries of nature are picturesque villages, 18th century abbeys, and medieval castles, as well a cuisine that some describe as “French quality with German quantity,” but in truth is uniquely Luxembourgish. Among the offerings: succulent pork dishes, pungent soft cheese, and the national treasure: the sparkling wine called Crémant de Luxembourg. Tempted?

The benefits of a European capital without the hassle of a huge city

Luxembourg has the largest forign-born population in Europe, and one of the reasons why people find it so easy to live there is because of the tolerant, multilingual locals. For visitors, this means getting situated is easy. In the streets you’ll hear English just as often as you’ll hear French, German, Luxembourgish, or Portuguese. Because of this cosmopolitanism and diversity, you can find the same rich cultural offerings, whether that’s theatre, concerts, or art exhibits, as in Paris, Berlin, or Rome.

Getting around is a piece of cake, thanks to both the sleek new tram that cuts across the capital and the vast network of buses and trains, but also because of the fact that since 2020, Luxembourg has offered totally free public transport nation-wide. And lest we forget: the international airport is located just outside Luxembourg City. With the country's famed efficiency, visitors can literally arrive at their hotel in the centre less than 30 minutes after stepping off the airplane. 

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