EXPOGAST 2022: an unforgettable celebration of the culinary arts

In November, Luxembourg became a global hub for gastronomy during the fourteenth edition of EXPOGAST, which is only held once every four years and includes the world-famous Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup.

The event, which took place at Luxexpo The Box from November 26-30, drew 8000 professionals from the fields of culinary arts and hospitality and many thousands of members of the public, themselves foodies and lovers of all things related to cooking.

EXPOGAST 2022 was attended by some of the most talented chefs from five continents, and making this edition even more special was that it was the 50th anniversary.  It allowed the country to not only show off its thriving gastronomy scene, but demonstrate once again how Luxembourg is an ideal destination for large-scale international events.

In addition to Luxexpo The Box, other organisers included the Vatel-Club Luxembourg, brain&more, and the World Association of Chefs’ Societies. In total, around 200 exhibitors, partners, and sponsors helped to make the event a spectacular one that is already generating interest in the 2026 edition.

Exhibitors showcased the latest culinary gadgets and appliances, dining trends, and drink innovations. The programme included conferences, recruitment drives, expositions, live cooking shows, and product demonstrations. Special appearances were made by celebrity chef Johann Lafer, the “Spicehunter” Marcel Thiele, and Dr. Lamees Ibrahim, author of “The Iraqi Cookbook.”

The Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup was a central part of the event, pitting more than 50 national teams against each other. Switzerland came in first place in the national culinary team adult category as well as the junior category. Regional teams as well as individual chefs and food creators faced off in categories ranging from pastry-making to vegetable carving.

The creations were submitted to a jury made up of 70 international experts from the world of gastronomy, and the dishes were also served in the Restaurant of Nations, which boasts around 900 place settings and gave the public – those who were lucky enough to get spots, anyway – the chance to enjoy delightful, innovative creations from top chefs.

Luxembourg has increasingly become a European center of gastronomy. With its large international population, unique national culinary traditions, and strong appetite for high-quality, locally made products, the country has a highly established fine dining scene that includes the second-highest number per capita of restaurants with Michelin stars.