Lex Delles presented the new "Business Events 2030" strategy

On March 30, 2023, the Minister of Tourism, Lex Delles, presented the new "Business Events 2030" strategy. The business events sector − which includes conferences, congresses, conventions, exhibitions, trade fairs, corporate events, incentives and special events − has significant development potential.

This observation applies in particular to the economic, technological, scientific and cultural development of the destination, which must be exploited sustainably. Indeed, the expansion of the Business Events sector is one of the priorities of the Luxembourg government. This is why the Directorate General of Tourism has developed a new strategy "Business Events 2030" which aims to establish and maintain a favorable framework for the development of the sector in the long term. Developed in close consultation with representatives of the Business Events sector in Luxembourg and abroad, this strategy makes it possible to identify new opportunities to help players orient their choices of investment, organization and adaptation of their services.

Four priority areas for development have been identified in order to anchor the new strategic policy for Business Events in Luxembourg. The key points "Organise, Federate, Develop and Measure" bring together various concrete measures, including: the development of an opportunity map for the Business Events segment which makes it possible to identify the strengths and characteristics specific to each region of the country; the implementation of a program dedicated to mobilizing all the active forces – academic, associative, economic, political and social – capable of generating events; supporting initiatives dedicated to the innovations and technologies of the future of Business Events; as well as the creation of a Business Events observatory in order to assess, among other things, the dynamics of direct, indirect and induced economic benefits, the rate of generation and conversion of events, the satisfaction of organizers and stakeholders.

The Minister of Tourism, Lex Delles, indicated in this context that

"the Business Events 2030 strategy constitutes an important lever to establish Luxembourg as one of the 50 best destinations in the world for the organization of international congresses. This strategy aims in particular to guide and to support the panoply of actors in the sector, both at national and local level, while integrating a constructive exchange with citizens. Through this approach, the General Directorate of Tourism creates optimal conditions to enable sustainable development of the Business Events sector. Finally, I would like to thank all the national and international players who participated in the development of the new Business Events 2030 strategy".

The digital version of the strategy can be downloaded here.

Communicated by the Directorate General of Tourism and translated by the LCB