7 ways Luxembourg is totally unique

Luxembourg’s national motto ‘We want to remain what we are’ (Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn) might sound symbolic, but forging its own identity is integral to the national character. A visit to this unique country is guaranteed to leave an impression.

The last grand duchy on Earth

While there used to be many grand duchies such as the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Luxembourg is the last one. Its current monarch, Grand Duke Henri, has been on the throne since 2000.

A nation brander’s dream

If a group of nation branders were to design the ideal country, they would probably come up with something very close to Luxembourg. It’s a model of openness, efficiency, stability, and safety, and the country regularly ranks as number one in these categories.

Perfect for photography

While the country offers countless vistas of green hills and medieval castles, the capital, Luxembourg City, is especially suited for photographs. Set atop a promontory and surrounded on three sides by cliffs, it was once Europe’s most coveted fortress and bears many eye-pleasing remnants of its past. Visitors can walk along cobblestone switchbacks that offer a stunning view of an abbey, cottages, and river valleys below.

Do you speak …?

The Grand Duchy’s population is the most multilingual in Europe, and it’s not uncommon for locals to speak four or five languages. French, English, German, and of course Luxembourgish are the most widely spoken.

The only country with free public transport nationwide

In a clear show of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions from cars and ensuring that residents and visitors alike can get around with ease, in 2020 Luxembourg became the only country in the world to make public transport free. That’s right: you can take all the trains, buses, and trams you want and it won’t cost a cent.

A vibe of good things happening

Thanks to its innovative population and forward-thinking leaders, over the last few decades Luxembourg has transformed itself into Europe’s success story: economically vibrant and a bastion of innovation. Luxembourg buzzes with business, research, and new ideas.

Strikingly international

Luxembourg is very much a European country, and Luxembourg City is even one of the three capitals of the EU. However, it stands apart and is just as much an international country. Half the population comes from elsewhere, many from overseas. It’s also home to the headquarters of many large global companies, and it’s known around the world for its finance sector. 


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