Cybersecurity in the Maritime Industry Conference

Lina Ostapchuk

Association Business Events Manager

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While it might not seem like the maritime industry would be a likely target for cyber-attacks, the increasingly digitised sector is highly susceptible to such criminal acts.

Events like the breaching of digital tracking systems, as well as a container line’s database being deleted, are both real and potentially crippling events. How can shipping companies registered in Luxembourg avoid being a victim of such attacks? This was the topic at the Cybersecurity in the Maritime Industry conference, which took place at the Chamber of Commerce on January 31, 2018. Presenting were Thomas Koch, Associate Partner at KPMG Luxembourg, and Minhan Lim, Associate Director at KPMG Singapore. The event included a panel discussion led by Charles Gosselin, Managing Director of the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster (CML) and it was followed by a relaxing cocktail.