The Future Of Materials Summit: A New Age for Manufacturing

Lina Ostapchuk

Association Business Events Manager

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Developments in material science are advancing at a rapid pace, and new technologies such as programmable matter and smart polymer have the potential to revolutionise manufacturing.

But how can manufacturers apply these new technologies to their production lines? How are manufacturers already using 3D printing, robotics, and high-performance computing? These and many other fascinating topics were explored at the Future of Materials summit, which was held in Luxembourg from November 13-14, 2017. The two-day event was sponsored by the Economist magazine and featured speeches from a wide array of influential figures such as the magazine’s science editor Geoffrey Carr, Formula One designer Mike Gascoyne, and Airbus materials head Christian Weimer, just to name a few. Participants came from many industrial backgrounds including the aviation, automotive, construction, healthcare, and consumer goods sectors. The venue was the European Convention Center Luxembourg, which is located in Kirchberg, just steps from the breathtaking Alzette valley.