BRIC Conference 2019

Lina Ostapchuk

Association Business Events Manager

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The fourth BRIC conference, held at the stately BGL BNP Paribas office in Kirchberg on November 13, 2019, gave participants the opportunity to learn what sort of advantages Luxembourg offers to manufacturers from Brazil, Russia, India, and China, otherwise known as the BRIC countries.

The event was organized by the Luxembourg industrial federation (Fédération des Industriels Luxembourgeois, or FEDIL), as well as the partnership organisations between Luxembourg and the individual countries. The conference was followed by a walking dinner which allowed participants to sample delicious food from the national cuisines of the BRIC countries while engaging in valuable networking. Among the key players who addressed the audience were Minister of Finance Pierre Gramenga and Michel Wurth, Chairman of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg.