2nd Sustainable Finance Forum

Sarina Migge

Association Business Events Manager

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The second edition of the Sustainable Finance Forum, held at the Philharmonie on June 26, 2019, presented the opportunity for those working in sustainable finance to showcase just how far the sector has come in recent years, as well as talk about the future of sustainable finance and impact investments.

Presiding over the event was journalist Judith Bogner, who covers international finance, business, and geopolitics. The event attracted more than 600 attendees from around the world, all there to explore one overarching concern: how to make sustainable finance more mainstream. Among the more than two dozen notable speakers were Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg’s finance minister who has overseen much of the country’s growth in recent years, Jingdong Hua, Vice President and Treasurer of the World Bank, and Royston Braganza, CEO of Grameen Capital India. Carla Haddad Mardini, director of the Public Partnerships Division at UNICEF, says the forum was a great place for collaboration, of utmost importance in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals that were drawn up by the United Nations.