Luxembourg to host important cleantech forum

Sarina Migge

Association Business Events Manager

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From 12-14 January 2021, Luxembourg will host Cleantech Forum Europe, one of the world’s foremost gatherings of experts and companies from the realm of clean technologies. The theme of the gathering, which will be mostly virtual, is ‘From Chaos to Transformation: Tackling the Climate Crisis Together’ and will help to match people with ideas and resources to transform the future.

The forum will provide opportunities to learn, share insight, and network with important players including innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as municipal and national government leaders pushing for cleantech.

The three-day event will take full advantage of the latest and most exciting conferencing technologies, such as open networking, AI-powered matchmaking, interactive discussions, personalised virtual support, flexile packages, and plenty of downloadable content like videos and slides. Exclusive offerings include facilitated introductions and meetings, as well as invite-only roundtables attended by investors and companies.

The wide range of topics at this year’s forum includes agriculture and food, enabling technologies, energy and power, materials and chemicals, resources and the environment, and transportation and logistics.