Virtual events in Luxembourg

We live in an increasingly connected world. Working at a distance from your collaborators, clients, and various service providers is essential to maintaining relationships and contacts.

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There is a wide range of possibilities in this area. It is evolving at high speed, day to day offering new tools and services, each one more efficient than the last. 

Depending on the type of online event envisaged and its objectives, organisers can choose which elements and type of event to hold. 

Some of the most commonly used events include :

  • conference calls: telephone calls to more than two people
  • webinars: online conferences, podcasts, etc.
  • virtual trade shows: online and interactive
  • workshops on a specific theme
  • MOOCs: online courses/training seminars
  • chats: discussions on specific topics
  • remote meetings: meetings with some or all participants geographically dispersed