The Seven Hotel and Restaurant Bosque FeVi where a 4 star hotel meets a gourmet Spanish kitchen.
Starting with our hotel which composes of 15 rooms on 6 floors.
Our rooms are separated of 5 Premium, 7 Deluxe, 2 Superior Deluxe and 1 Suite.
The hotel also offers you a wellness and fitness area to relax or to be active.
In our wellness corner we have a hammam - also known as the Turkish hammam or Turkish bath, it is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna.
Next to our reception we have a bar open the whole day and ready to be visited.

Finishing with our restaurant which can welcome 60 people seated.
The dishes are designed and created by a Spanish chef and it is food at its finest.
We also offer you a large spacious terrace which can also welcome 50 people seated.
The Bosque FeVi also has a delivery or takeaway system where you always get 15% of the total.