Founded in 1991 by Sophie Pecriaux, City One is a independent group and a key player in the hospitality field. With a strategy focused on the alliance of excellence and service, City One has established itself in various sectors such as corporate hospitality, hospitality events, entertainment, hospitality and cultural backgrounds also host airport and railway. City One has created its own vision of customer service: a close relationship and transparency.
City One is established in Luxembourg since 2010, we are committed to satisfy your needs during your events and seminar organization.
Our areas:
Welcome and orientation of your guests, your score listing, registration and delivery of badges, room placement, micro transition, accompanying your VIPs, but also management of the car of your site, service chauffeur and valet, locker rooms and accepting gifts, docking stations and airports. Many missions conducted and supervised by our hosts and hostesses, grooms, bilingual, trilingual, quadrilingual during your events.