The Cercle Cité, located in the very heart of the City of Luxembourg, with a total built area of 8300 m2, represents an exceptional historical venue in Luxembourg.

It offers two types of rental spaces: the "Beaux Salons" in the historical building and the Conference Center that can host different form of events, whether they be intimate or of a large scale.

Ideal for corporate events, the Conference Center provides a refined professional environment with high-performance equipment and personalized services.
This complex consists of 4 modular meeting rooms as well as two auditoriums with a capacity of 142 and 48 people respectively. Designed for the comfort of visitors, the entirety of the conference rooms can accommodate up to 250 people.

The "Beaux Salons" represent some of the finest reception rooms in the city.
They include the impressive Grande Salle which has played host to state banquets in honour of Queen Elisabeth II and the French president Francois Mitterrand among others.

These exceptional salons can host private or public events of variable form: prestigious evenings, weddings, receptions, banquets, conferences, academic sessions, ceremonies, conferences, cocktails, etc.

Located in the very heart of the city, and close to some of its finest restaurants, the Cercle Cité is ideal for taking the sights and the atmosphere of the capital.
  • Distance from Luxembourg airport (kms): 7
  • Distance from highway (kms): 3.5
  • Close bus lines: 2-5, 7-14, 18-22
  • wheelchair friendly:
  • languages:
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    • en
    • fr
    • lu
Facility Info
Meeting Rooms
  • Number of Rooms 10
Auditorium (Cité / 3, rue Genistre)
  • Theater Capacity: 142
Bar Foyer (Cercle)
  • Reception Capacity: 200
Grande Salle (Cercle)
  • Theater Capacity: 330
  • Banquet Capacity: 250
  • Reception Capacity: 500
Salle des Dames (Cercle)
  • Banquet Capacity: 16
  • Reception Capacity: 20
Salon Bleu (Cercle)
  • Theater Capacity: 80
  • Banquet Capacity: 50
  • Reception Capacity: 100
Salle 502 (Cercle)
  • Theater Capacity: 50
  • Classroom Capacity: 38
Salle 501 (Cercle)
  • Banquet Capacity: 12
Salle 503 (Cercle)
  • Theater Capacity: 30
Auditorium Henri Beck (Cercle)
  • Theater Capacity: 48
Salle 504 (Cercle)
  • Banquet Capacity: 12