Carte Blanche Events is an event communication agency (active since 2014), which enjoys an excellent reputation with companies, which entrust us with their most precious asset: their audiences.
Our job is to create, pilot and manage the ephemeral.
Our job is to combine the freedom of the imagination and the rigor of implementation.
But in all circumstances, we are committed to faithfully translating a style, an identity, a state of mind.
The confidence that many companies have renewed in us is for us the most precious testimony to the originality and seriousness of our achievements.
True craftsmen of events, at Carte Blanche Events we see each new project, from the smallest, from the most intimate to the most imposing, from the most festive to the most solemn, as a unique and singular challenge.
As an assembler of skills, Carte Blanche Events relies on a network of efficient, serious and carefully selected service providers, allowing us to complement our expertise, and thus cover the entire profession.
We manage the various stakeholders and service providers, control the planning and the budget, we anticipate the smallest detail, in order to guarantee you events that bring strong and memorable emotions.
In addition, we are on the lookout for new trends and fresh ideas, which allows us to refine our analyzes, enrich our designs and discover new talent.
We are convinced at Carte Blanche that the event, in all its forms, is the best medium to bring people together, arouse curiosity, offer a human moment, generate commitment and visibility.
You are unique, our job is to let people know!