Want a cozy and alluring spot for your next event? Try Luxembourg

When planning a corporate event, sometimes you want a destination that’s cozy or even alluring, one that draws you in with its charm and subtle mysteries. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, tucked between France, Germany, and Belgium, offers many such places. Think of a gorgeous boutique hotel in the forest. A wellness spa set amid rolling green hills. A medieval castle with all the modern amenities. The list goes on.

The country has long been an enticing getaway. Victor Hugo, author of ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’ and ‘Les Misérables’, found refuge in Vianden, in the north of the country, where he was inspired by the people, landscape, and the castle that overlooks the town. He was so mesmerised that he became one of the area’s most enthusiastic promoters.

The capital, Luxembourg City, offers many intimate and entrancing spots to ensure that an event will not be forgotten anytime soon. Once an imposing fortress, the city maintains its crumbling ramparts and defensive tunnels that speak to the secrets of its past. With its UNESCO-recognised old town surrounded by majestic cliffs, the city has a fairytale-like feel and exudes old-world charm.

For event planners looking for comfort and serenity in the countryside, Luxembourg presents many such places, all a very short distance from the capital. The hilly north, which is part of the Ardennes, contains beautiful forests and valleys, while the area known as ‘Little Switzerland’ in the northeast contains striking geological features and lush green foliage. In the east is the Moselle valley where the region’s best wines are produced.

In all of these diverse and stunning backdrops you find a variety of delightful venues, many of them family-owned, that offer an exceptional setting. Combine these with Luxembourg’s agricultural heritage, love of gastronomy, and highly modern infrastructure, you get a sense of what makes Luxembourg an ideal destination for a cozy and alluring event.

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Angélica Lopez