Testimonial: 2022 European Championships in TeamGym - Luxembourg

“After we decided to submit our candidacy to host the 2022 European TeamGym Championships in Luxembourg, one of our first steps was contacting the Luxembourg Convention Bureau, which was the beginning of very close cooperation.

One major challenge was finding accommodation for a full week, as we expected around 1000 gymnasts and officials. The second challenge was negotiating with the National Sports and Culture Centre d’Coque, which we hoped to secure for a venue. Thanks to the Luxembourg Convention Bureau who contacted a huge number of hotels and liaised with the Ministry of Sports about the venue, we were able to prepare a very attractive bid that convinced the European Gymnastics Federation to trust Luxembourg with the organisation of the event.

Globally, it was a very positive experience. The ease in Luxembourg of facilitating such a large event was very helpful. We had 870 gymnasts and officials coming from 17 European countries, 30 officials from the European and International Federations, up to 170 volunteers, and up to 3000 spectators per day.

The local support from several ministries and their administrations in their respective fields of responsibilities, as well as from the city of Luxembourg, was excellent, and so was the support from the commercial partners like hotels, the transportation company, and the catering company.

All those present, from competitors to spectators, were absolutely happy and satisfied with all aspects of the organisation comprising the venue, the accommodation, the catering, the transportation, and the general attractiveness of Luxembourg as a destination. The availability of free public transport was also a very important point.

We would absolutely recommend Luxembourg as a destination for high-level sports events. 

The presence and enthusiasm of the Grand Duke and the Minister of Sports during the finals and the feedback received from the Olympic Committee will certainly help TeamGym to find its place in the Luxembourgish sports offer.”

-Silvio Sagramola, Secretary-General of the Luxembourg Gymnastics Federation