LCB makes great strides in building up local partnerships in 2021

Despite the pandemic hampering not only the convention sector but also the tourism and events industries in general, the Luxembourg Convention Bureau (LCB) has been busy building up local partnerships and has revealed several major achievements. These show that not only is the LCB looking optimistically to the future of professional events, but it is working hard on its mission to develop and promote the sector.

A huge increase in the number of partnerships

One significant accomplishment is having greatly expanded the number of local partnerships. In 2019, the LCB counted 26 partners, but in 2021 that number has grown to a whopping 193, representing more than a seven-fold increase. The ever-growing list includes venues, service providers, independent and chain hotels, event agencies, and transporters.

Working to promote partner venues

The LCB has also dedicated effort to promoting partner venues, notably by working with them to produce 18 videos which will be included in future LCB communication strategies. These videos, all of which have a very high production value, are grouped into themes such as ‘places that delight the senses’, ‘cosy and alluring’, or ‘high-tech and connected’, among others.

Continued promotion of virtual and hybrid events

Due to the pandemic that started in 2020, the LCB and its partners found themselves facing obstacles to conducting business as usual. This drove them to develop solutions and revamp their business models. One innovative way was to develop possibilities for virtual and hybrid conferences, offerings that were actively promoted by the LCB. Among the 27 partners specialised in these new offerings are virtual designers, virtual technology providers, and digital venues. Anyone interested in organising such an event in Luxembourg can find more information here.

Presenting team-building and incentive activities

Also to further its mission, the LCB is working to showcase the wide variety of interesting, fun, and memorable team-building and incentive activities available in Luxembourg. The LCB has reached out to local event agencies to get a clear idea of the various offerings, everything from Segway rides in nature to Luxembourg-themed murder mysteries, from wine-tasting games to moviemaking, and everything in-between, both face-to-face and virtual. The LCB is compiling these in a comprehensive, easy-to-read list which will soon be made available on the website.